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Using the co-cube

This confliguartion cube, co-cube for short, has 64 individual cells that are each a web page, we call codex. All 64 codex are found on the 'cube home'. Once inside a codex, you may always return to 'cube home' or you may want to choose from the item suggested as to where to go next. There will be site maps that outline the available codex, as well as a subject index and search feature.

It's hard to get lost when you can go anywhere you like in a click or two. So go ahead and explore, leave what doesn't serve, or doesn't feel right and move on to what does work for you.

About the co-cube

This confliguartion cube, co-cube for short, is engineered to move consciousness into a raised level of awareness. The intention is to present a variety of possibilities that may open the heart and mind to experience a taste of the non-material 'more' that awaits us as we let go of limited ways of thinking that have permitted humans to feign dominance, and a belief that we live outside of the web of life.

All are welcome and encouraged to approach this as a playground. Look around, take your time, have fun. Let your own intuition be your guide. Feel the love that is resonating in every step you take.

These two co-cubes, working hand and hand, attempt to raise the collective consciousness about the dire straights of the planet at this time. It is end times for a dying paradigm of male domination and wanton destruction in the name of power. That is illustrated in the Doubt IT cube. It is begin time for something more. That something more is hard to describe in linear fashion. The Believe IT cube begins to reveal various fundamentals for the aspiring ascended being. Basic tools to help prepare for a multi-dimensional future.

Consciousness, you can take it with you.


This is a confliguaration cube composed of 64 codices. A codex is an individual page. It may contain pictures, text, links and movies, anything a regular web page can hold.




About Grandma KoKo

Grandma KoKo is a multi-media author and mystic visionary. She carries a firm and unwavering ability to envision a brighter future for the souls of human-kind, the children of Gaia.

As a mystic and visionary, Grandma KoKo has a clear and detailed understanding of the place we are going. It can not be understood using ONLY the tools of the rational mind, trained as we have been by what is now no longer holding up as we move forward into the higher vibrational field already manifesting here on mother earth. In order to prepare ourselves for what is to come we must learn to use an evolving set of tools. These new tools are honed by the use of new stories to explain ourselves, our reason for existence. These new stories will guide us to live different kinds of lives.

For example, an old stogy of 'ourselves' is survival of the fittest and dog eat dog. It's a dog eat dog world, they say. Well they are wrong in this case, dead wrong. Animals (including humans, humans are animals) all benefit from working together as community. Survival of the fittest imply's"all spoils to the victor", it is a false model created and fostered by a selfish and barbarian mind set. This old story no longer serves us as we move forward into the brighter future that is already here.

A different kind of story tells us we are all connected. We are connected to the stars, to the rivers, the land, the air and to each other. The smallest particle of a molecule is no better or worse than the farthest star we see twinkling in the night sky. Everything is relative to its position within the great web of life. From the whisper of a hummingbirds wing to the roar of a hurricane, all experience becomes relative to that which has been experienced. The actions of one ripple into the fabric that supports all.

We are learning to apply the universal/cosmic law of consciousness.

What we pay attention to is what we become conscious of.

or put another way

Consciousness is what we choose to pay attention to.





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