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Confliguration Cube aka Co-Cube

The word confliguration was give to me intuitively, as was the entire set-up. Frustrated with FaceBook because the good stuff just seemed to flow past and get lost way down the timeline. For example, if I posted something last summer and want to see it again, it is nit easy to do. Also, the timeline gets cluttered with all kinds of amazing and wonderful things, but lack rhyme, reason and order. Blogs are great, but they are so linear, and they were intended to be more like a diary than a book. Co-cube offers the ability to have a collection of multimedia pages and interactively link them to one another. So it really it is a way to publish a multimedia document. By using 64 as the number of pages or codex as I like to call the pages, it will make a variety of things easier. 64 is a great number for many reasons, foremost being computers with their bits and bytes will love it.

This is an opportunity for someone to develope the mechanism for folks to author their own co-cubes. I beleive it will gain instant popularity. Obviously as a scrapbook kind of thing, people could have a collection of pictures, writing and videos of grandchildren, pets and the like. The input of a co-cube would be very similar to how authoring a blog works. Once input, there needs to be a mechanism to share them in a Facebook LIKE community. Imagine there is a way to publish them once authored. Once published it would be great if people with similar interested could group thier cubes together. I am told, intuitively, that it is this kind of sharing that will be the biggest strength of the co-cube.

For example, we plan to have a group of researchers studying the mechanism (or mechanisms) of halucunagenic and psychadelic experience. Each researcher will have a co-cube to enter their findings in a preset fashion. A multi-media page will offer the greatest creative expression for the researchers to express their findings. This kind of research is expecially hard to put into words. I find the special combination of being able to present thoughts as words, pictures or video expands a persons ability to communicate. That the cubes have 64 elements will facilite the gathering of the research data in a good way.

I have more details about how the co-cube might be developed and will add them before long. I encourage anyone interested in developing this to contact me directly at this point. I freely give this vision to the people of the world and intend that the product developed would be free to all in the same way facebook and blogs are.




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