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Deep Freeze Climate Change

Paul Beckwith explains the severity and extent of the North American deep freeze and how it results from fractured jet streams due to climate change. Also discussed is extreme stress on infrastructure (roads, rail, pipelines,...) from rapid 40 degree C temperature swings.







Record Alaskan Warmth and Rains Trigger Huge Avalanche That Isolates Valdez


LA Times
Winter storm slams South
, stranding students, snarling traffic


The One Video to Shut Down All of the Climate-Change DeniersWeather experts explain why you're freezing in the polar vortex—and what it means for global warming.



Why Is It So Cold? The Polar Vortex, Explained



With temperatures at about 22 below zero with a -50 windchill, it was hard to find the beauty in the brutal weather in Bismarck, N.D., on Sunday.

thestar.com article: Monday, January 27, 2014
‘Polar vortex’ pushes dangerous cold into U.S. Midwest; Indianapolis makes driving illegal
For a big chunk of the Midwest, the extremely cold temperatures were moving in behind another winter wallop.

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