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Drones attack, kill, spy

First American arrested with help from drone is sentenced
Published time: January 29, 2014

A North Dakota farmer who was the first US citizen to be arrested in a situation where law enforcement had help from a drone has also become the first to be convicted and sentenced, thanks in part to an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Rodney Brossart, a cattle rancher, was sentenced to three years in prison, although two and a half years of that sentence were suspended, for terrorizing police officers in 2011. Six cows wandered onto Brossart’s property near Grand Forks, North Dakota and, when he refused to return the cattle to his neighbor, a SWAT team was called in to disband the police standoff.

When the situation was still unresolved 16 hours later the SWAT team called in a Predator drone that was on loan from the Department of Homeland Security. The drone quickly identified Brossart’s location, as well as that of his three sons on the 3,600 acre property, and notified police when it was safe to make an arrest.

Five family members were taken into custody and Brossart has claimed he was tased during the incident. He was found not guilty of stealing the cows but was sentenced Tuesday because of the armed standoff, in part because officials played surveillance video taken from the drone in court.

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Drones come in many sizes and shapes

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The article above, saying drones have killed nearly 5000 people is almost a year old now. How many have been murdered by drones in the last year?





This article is really fishey. Let's see, they are having tech difficulties so the folks in Washington who are in charge tell the folks in Texas to crash the drone, a 12 million dollar loss, not to mention the cost of clean up. Probably drones are mostly used for drug running related enterprises. I wonder how much cargo they can hold?

Drone TOYS
Toys made to look like drones are available, and there are a bunch of different models to choose from. It's really funny is to go to Amazon pick any drone toy and read the comments, they are both hillarious and sad. Here is an example. This one has 244 comments, most of the comments have discussion and replies.

Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft - US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator with Display Stand

Hours of Racist, Imperialist Fun!
By Vanessa Carlisle on December 17, 2012
I bought this for my son and he spent countless, blissful hours simulating massacres of weddings, funerals, and other family gatherings of brown skinned foreigners! He even realized that if he circled the drone back around on the first responders, his effective kill rate soared! Neat-o!

Educationally, this toy can't be beat - inculcating a predilection for indiscriminate, imperialist violence against non-combatants from oppressed and marginalized communities is precisely in accordance with truly "American values!"

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Stocking Stuffer
By Joseph T. Mitchell on January 12, 2013
I got this for both my sons, along with the book "Rape for Dummies" and a Dexter Morgan knife kit. They barely even noticed the knife kit and book and went straight for their drones. It has been a nonstop freedom campaign on the cats ever since. 5 Stars Maisto.


What is amazing to me is, people have time to comment on amazon, a nice safe pastime. But who is speaking up to STOP THIS MADNESS in any real way. NO ONE, because we know they will sic their drones on us if we are not careful.

Really, seriously, what can any of us do?


White House: No more information about drone killings will be released to public
dated 2-07-2013

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/02/07/white-house-no-more-information-about-drone-killings-will-be-released-to-public/









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