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About the book More to Come

This book is written in love, so much love. Love from the past, future and present. It is a gift to people who long for a better way. A way out of the havoc and destruction of industrial civilization. It is painting a picture of what could be possible for human life on the planet earth.

We are the ones. We can do it! Imagine peace

This is a book about the future. It is about the possibility of something different and much better than what we have now. It is the book I would have liked to read but couldn't find anything like it.

I like to believe in a future where things get better and human beings become all that we can be.

The inspiration for this book came in May of 2010 with the birth of Zariah, daughter of my daughter. At that time I was filled with thoughts and feelings about generations before and those yet to come. I thought about how Zariah’s life would be, and how it would be for her when she looked into the eyes of her own grandchild. What would the nature of life be like for this grandchild of my grandchild.

The book offers travel through time. It takes the reader into another time, offering rich detail about many aspects of this proposed future. It is told through the voice of the person living in the time of the telling. So each chapter starts by revealing whose voice is in the chapter. In Chapter 4, the storytelling shifts back and forth from me, the author in 2011 to Juan, a man from the future explaining things.

About Gma KoKo

Gma KoKo lives in SW Michigan and is actively building her space of love for kith and kin. That means she spends a lot of time gardening and creating a permaculture based edible forest garden also known as Food Forest. She loves building dreams, ideas, promises, and all things that help people live a better life. Curious about most things, she likes to study and formulate possibilities. She likes to write and has completed other books and poems. She also plays the flute and has been known to sing and dance. In 2011 she built a solar heated greenhouse, something she has long dreamed into reality. Last year 2013, she built a nice little wood shed, all by herself. Go Grannie!


Gma KoKo with her mother Carol, daughter Masara and granddaughter Zariah - Sept 2010

Zariah Summer 2012

Zariah Sept. 2012


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Carol and Masara

Lil' Buzzy 1955

10 months- 1954


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