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Grace Marketplace + Dignity Village = Empowerment Center
The following documents offer insight into what's been going on.
Grant writing to offer services to Criminals, Crazies and Mental cases. (often 1 in same)

Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Substance Abuse. It really is a great idea to attempt to actually provide help for a largely underserved population. It would be so much better if anyone could actually use the $ for services. We don't know where the $ went, but we do know there is next to nothing in services and NOTHING in services that could really make a difference.

This Empowerment Center is located in Gainesville Florida, near the airport. It is comprosed of Grace Marketplace and Dignity Village. Grace marketplace is the planned Service Center. Dignity Village is the 'unplanned' tent city that automatically and unintentionally grew outside of the fence of the Grace Marketplace. Grace is owned/operated by the County and Dignity is owned/operated by the City. It is CHURCHES that offer the feedings at Grace Marketplace. The CAFO Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation is the main reason people hang out around there.

I have been looking for the management of this big fat mess, and not finding anyone who has the best interests of the place at heart, and/or any interest in talking with me. The following are various documents that illuminate the logic and planning behind the Empowerment Center and the CJMHSAP - Criminal Justice, Mental Health & Substance Abuse --- Planning --- Grant Planning Committee.

Anyone who wants to review these documents and help reach any conclusion about what the heck is going on here. It seems to me the entire place is set up for the convenience of the people who profit from the crack-heads, and sex trade (crack whores) human trafficking. See what you think.

Grace Marketplace is 'owned/managed' by the County. It pays the city, (not rent) a fee for utilities, including grounds keeping like mowing. One reason the other buildings are not open is because of the large fee that must be paid to the city to provide these 'utilitiees'.

Dignity Village is not planned, it just kind of HAPPENED. It is 'owned/managed' by the City of Gainesville.

There is a big deal by most people to distinquish if a 'client' is inside the fence-Grace or outside-Dignity. Yet for the people who live there, there is little distinction between in and out, except for paying attention to when the gate is locked.


Legal Description of Grace Marketplace and Dignity Village
Map with layers --- pdf


9a7262b4-51bf-4a35-bd4a-4c27d819ecfa.pdf Draft
ECOCBM - Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Empowerment Center Oversight Commitee Board Meeting
7 pages Quite Illuminating --- is Dignity Village same as recreational camping? How will rules be enforced, this is not like other city property?

130814C_Staff Presentation_20140324- 3-24-14.pdf
PP presentation style lots of info 34 pages
Update on the Empowerment Center Project 3-24-14
3 pages --pdf

150595A_Letter from County_20151207.pdf
Letter from County Manager to City Manager May 14, 2015

Pages from Alachua_CJMHSA_LHZ02_Application.pdf
15 pages from the grant proposal...Project Narrative, Statement of problem CJMHSAP 2013

Building Alliances between the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Systems to Prevent Unnecessary Arrests:
Position Paper --- 27 pages

Media Release January 7, 2015
web page with media release
Empowerment Center Oversight Advisory Board Creates Citizens Work Group


Citizens Work Group Agenda (September 21, 2015)
Empowerment Center CItizens workgroup
#7 Mr Michael

Alachua County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC)
Thursday, April 30th 2015


Advisory Board Meeting Documents
Criminal Justice, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Grant Planning Committee
Web page with documents like agendas


June 30, 2008 Agenda? Minutes?

CJMHSAG Minutes October 14 2010 DRAFT.doc

CJMHSAG Minutes January 13 2011 DRAFT.doc
Rx's ...hmmm...we filled a few.

CJMHSAG Minutes July 12 2012.docx
#7 ???

CJMHSAG Minutes January 17 2013 FINAL.docx

CJMHSAG Minutes April 15 2013.docx

CJMHSAG Minutes July 10 2014 FINAL.docx
Take to Grace involuntarily?

CJMHSAG Minutes April 16 2015 FINAL.docx

CJMHSAG Minutes July 9 2015 FINAL.docx
Good to know

CJMHSAGPC Minutes October 15 2015 FINAL.docx

CJMHSAG Minutes January 14 2016 FINAL.docx

CJMHSAG Agenda for April 14 2016 FINAL.docx


Notice of Award to Alachua County and others - no date
Criminal Justice Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment (CJMHSA) Grant
Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Program Grant
no date in doc, could be 02-03-14
The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has announced the award of a $1.2 million grant to Alachua County, as a part of the Department’s Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Program. The DCF competitive grant award process evaluated applications submitted by 14 separate Florida counties, and Alachua County was one of eight counties to receive a grant award.
Comunity Update - glossy brochure with front page news on got the grant.


Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant
Implementation Grants
Request for Applications
August 20, 2010












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