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Consider this a playground for your mind/emotions/spirit.

It is equipped with challenging ideas and lots of imagery to stimulate a meaningful and rich experience of 'The Shift of Grace'. Awaken the intuitive self by exploring the visable and invisable landscape.

We are continually making choices, some better than others.

Your move!

Near Term Extinction (NTE)
means ALL humans and most of the rest of the web of life
will become extinct, within the next 20 years, maybe sooner.
Make a choice

I Doubt IT - Most Do
I doubt that humans are in any danger of going extinct in the near future.

Believe IT - You Won't
I believe human extinction is inevitable at this point.
It is an amazing time to be alive.

We all know about death. We know our own life will one day end. Did you ever wonder about the dinosaurs? How is is that they could have lived so long ago and now they are no more? What is now becoming apparent is that most all of life as we know it is not going to be able to survive beyond a few more years. The entire web of life that has sustained us is disappearing. The main points are:

  • Climate change
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Overpopulation
  • Can't have infinite growth on a finite planet

This is no joke and happening fast. We can't rely on government or corporations to fix anything, they are making it worse. What is offered here is information. By displaying multiple items together as a group it will help us form a 'bigger picture'. There is so much going on and the more we can focus in on the problem the better equipped we will be to find solutions.

The obvious 'problem' is that we are destroying the web of life that supports us. Clean air and clean water are a thing of the past. Air and water have become commodities, something to buy and sell.

Power is more important than safety.

Any possibility of human survival on this planet requires the immediate cessation of EVERYTHING that is harming, hurting, destroying Mother Nature. By working together we may find a way, but the first step is to really look at what is going on and raise the distress signal. A sound heard round the world.

Wake up, wake up and DO SOMETHING.

The time is now to fight for our lives, literally.

New Pioneers by Mark Henson

I Doubt IT - Most Do Believe IT - You Won't

Death by extinction

Whoopee! We're all gonna die.

Forget About IT - No Way


It's not nice to fool Mother Nature


Prepare to Die - Eschaton Human, The End of More






The Book
More to Come,
a book and an opportunity to explore our own human potential as children of the earth and children of Goddess-God.

Who else but us?
Who else if not us?

Grandma KoKo started writing the following story called More to Come in 2010, published here in 2012. It offers a vision of our possible future. This was written before we passed the point of no return. It's still a good read.

Available as a pdf file free to download.

Downloiad Reader version
This reader version has been prepared with narrow text layout for easy reading on digital readers, mobile devices and iPhones.
62 pages

Download Print Version
This printable friendly version has an optimal layout for printing.
46 pages

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More to Come,
a book and an opportunity to explore our own human potential as children of the earth and children of Goddess-God. Who else but us? Who else if not us?

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Wondering what to do right now to prepare for an uncertain future.

What if our future is so magnificent we must stretch our imagination to conceive of it?


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Exploring the shift from dominator culture to Permaculture

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