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Near Term Extinction (NTE)
means ALL humans and most of the rest of the web of life
will become extict, within the next 20 years, maybe sooner.
  I Doubt IT - Most Do Believe IT - You Won't  

Listen to this video first, then decide what you believe.
Prepare to Die - Eschaton Human, The End of More


I Doubt IT - Most Do Believe IT - You Won't

New Pioneers by Mark Henson

Death by extinction
Whoopie! We're all gonna die.









Grandma KoKo started writing the following story called More to Come in 2010, published here in 2012. It offers a vision of our possible future. This was written before we passed the point of no return. It's still a good read.

Available as a pdf file free to download.

Downloiad Reader version
This reader version has been prepared with narrow text layout for easy reading on digital readers, mobile devices and iPhones.
62 pages

Download Print Version
This printable friendly version has an optimal layout for printing.
46 pages

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More to Come,
a book and an opportunity to explore our own human potential as children of the earth and children of Goddess-God. Who else but us? Who else if not us?

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Wondering what to do right now to prepare for an uncertain future.

What if our future is so magnificent we must stretch our imagination to conceive of it?

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More to Come multimedia opportunity is open source available - gift to the people of earth - us earthers.

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