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Live rent Free: A Safe Place to Be

The Plan for planning

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Planned Homesteading Communities based on sustainable, earth friendly and self-sufficient practices (meaning they are able to produce or provide more of the needs of the community using local resources) would provide rewarding livelihood and economic security. This is the new way to create ‘jobs’ on the local level as we move toward a resource based economy.
Friendly, Affordable Upbeat – We the People CAN do this.

Homesteading is a community sport. We need a village, a community to play the GAME. Together we can move from the devastation and waste of the paradigm of material gain, infinite growth and thinking we do not have enough.

Permaculture is so much more than a different way of gardening. It is an entirely different 'set of living arrangements'.

The three ethical principles of Permaculture:

Care of the Earth.
Care of People.
Return of surplus to Earth and people (also called “Fair Share”)

Consider the far ranging implications of basing our decisions on these principles, replacing the implied principles of EMPIRE, a culture based on fear, worry, greed and hate. The underlying principles of EMPIRE seem to be: consume, waste, anything goes to make $$$ for a few while polluting and destroying for many. EMPIRE is basically a culture ripe with slavery, dependant on infinite growth and unlimited resources, hell-bent on turning our paradise planet of love into a toxic dump.

Moving Ahead - Getting Started

Read THE PLAN, Live Rent Free: A Safe Place to BE
Become familiar with the topics and positive approach.
THE PLAN is carefully written to stimulate imagination and possibility. It is intended to educate people who are not familiar with the concepts such as: Permaculture, Homesteading, Eco-villages and sustainability. The amount of information is equivalent to a semester long college course. It is like a syllabus, an outline of the subjects in a course of study or teaching.

Cultivate our vision
Spend time in meditation or daydreaming about the possibilities of a different 'set of living arrangements'. Beleive we can and already are, making the changes necessary to have what we want. A better way of life. Dream and beleive. Gma KoKo has written her version of a possible future, called 'More to Come'. Read it here
Dare to dream, many are.

Offer to teach a class or give a presentation
Many places are available to offer to teach and share these concepts and possibilities.
What is considered a civic organization?
A civic association is a type of organization whose official goal is to improve neighborhoods through volunteer work by its members.
Look to the civic organizations that already exist in your community. Woman's clubs, Rotary clubs and the like, other groups concerned with environmental and sustainability issues.
Most libraries and schools offer a space to present a program.


Raise awareness, find the players

Get to know your Planners

Stay Positive











Take Time to Wonder about Everything

Paintbrush Warrior
Mark Henson - Oil on Canvas markhensonart.com

Permaculture Perspective
"Since finding this school of though I’ve been living a dream with a plan and the knowledge of how to create my perfect life."
--- Alexander Ojeda , Jacksonville Florida

Facebook post by Alexander Ojeda, on New Years Eve, Dec 31, 2017. Alexander is a permaculture ambassador, educator and consultant located in the Jacksonville Florida area.

Time passes. Life is short. no matter how long you live. Every moment counts and in the end, it’s how you live that matters. It’s quality of life that matters no matter how short. Quality can be measured in happiness and it can be measured in accomplishments among other things. I think the trick is to have happiness while working hard to realize your dreams. Sitting around and dreaming with no action leads to regret of things never done.
I sit here living the happiest part of my life so far. It just keeps getting better. I’m so excited for 2018! I realize that nothing outside of my “choosing to be unhappy” can make me unhappy! I have everything. My little family, hard work, the means to create what I can dream. I live my life with a life design tool known as permaculture. Since finding this school of though I’ve been living a dream with a plan and the knowledge of how to create my perfect* life.
Alexander Ojeda , Jacksonville Florida , FB Permaculture Jax








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