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For everyone wondering what can be done now to prepare for an uncertain future. Here are some ideas.

Accept and honor the gift of intuition, and imagination. Let your intuition be the guiding light. Intellect is a faithful servant, but should never be allowed to run the show. Inspiration and creativity are limitless and feel good to use. Really question stuff you think about, rather get tuned to how you feel about stuff.

Become active in Transition Town a world wide movement to build resilient local community. Join or start one near you. Learn about permaculture.

Don't watch regular TV especially the stuff with commercials. If you must watch something on the boob-tube, get videos or shows on DVD. They don't have any commercials. Or watch PBS. The regular news is especially disconcerting, try to get news from the internet preferably from non-US countries.

Remember, every dollar you spend is a vote for something. Limit your spending on consumer goods. Really think about everytime you spend money. What are you really supporting.

Remember to be connected with the earth and in tune with the many gifts we continually get, like sunshine and beautiful skies, day and night. Believe the phrase, I already have everything. Be outside in sunshine, with your feet on the ground, barefoot if possible every chance you get. Lay flat down on the ground and be still. And, oh yeah, HUG A TREE!

Avoid packaged food when possible. Especially things wrapped in plastic. Notice how much packaging a food item has and how far it has traveled, then buy the food that has less packaging and is local.

Eat less in general, and eat less meat, dairy, eggs. There are many reasons to eat less/no meat, eggs and dairy:

Most of these products are produced in factory farms called CAFO, where the animals, cows, chickens and pigs are handled in inhumane and unhealthy ways. You REALLY don't want to eat that. Watch a documentary called Food, Inc. for more details.

Health is so much better on a plant diet comprised of real foods. We could call real food, whole food, fresh food, unrefined sugars and flours. The fresher the better. Grow your own, get it from your neighbor. Watch the documentary called Forks Over Knives. Wave goodbye to some major illness like heart disease, cancer, arthritis and diabetes to name a few, just by waving goodbye to meat. Watch the documentary called Fresh.

Take the grain grown to feed meat animals and it could feed the whole world. So it is a misuse of resources to grow grain for meat production. And - get this - Cattle are not supposed to eat grain, it makes them sick and that sickness is passed to humans especially in the way meat is butchered and processed. Watch Food, Inc. for more details.

All butchering occurs in only a few main 'factories' in the US. How weird is that?

We talk about the 1% being extravagantly wealthy and we are the 99%. When a person consumes meat produced as it is in the US, that person is the 1% of the food chain.

Save the planet! Be a superhero! Be Vegan!

Grow your own food, fiber, wood, oil, medicine. Plant a food forest. Learn to eat wild edibles and fresh food from the earth, your garden or farmers market.

Save seeds.

Learn about permaculture and practice what you learn.

Watch this video - available free on-line at this site. “Back to Eden” invites you to take a walk with Paul as he teaches you sustainable organic growing methods that are capable of being implemented in diverse climates around the world.
















bioshelter outside useing permacultureBioshelter outside - Permaculture

Bioshelter inside using Permaculture
Bioshelter inside - Permaculture

Cordwood lodge
Cordwood Lodge

Expanding Bookcase from treehugger.com
Expanding Bookcase

Growth of seed from Back to Eden film
Back to Eden seed starting

Growth of seed from Back to Eden film
Back to Eden seed sprouting

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